Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week one of the All You challenge

Wow it is time to start the All you challenge. If you don't know about it well, they have challenged people to spend $25.00 per person per week just on groceries. Well for me that means I have $200.00 per week to spend. They are looking for creative ways to stretch the buck. I plan to break every day down to see what I spent and also I plan on weekly menus. Here is Monday's breakdown

Breakfast - Cereal, Milk, Toast, Grapes
Special K blueberry - .99 a box after sale and coupon
Milk - 1/2 gallon - 1.25 we use about a half a gallon for breakfast
Toast - Homemade bread - 1.00
Grapes - Sale for .99 Lb bought 2 lb and used a 1.00 coupon .99
Total - $4.23

Lunch - Went to Six Flags today so packed a lunch
P&J - Organic Peanut butter 1.79 a jar used 1/3 .60
Made my own jelly from garden
Turkey and Cheese
Turkey on sale for 4.99 lb used 1.00 coupon used 1/3 1.60
Cheese Free after sale and coupon
Homemade Bread - 1.00
Brought water bottles from home - Free
Planters Peanut bars .89 after triple coupon and sale
Cheerios snack mix - 1.00 after coupon
Cookies Oatmeal used Betty Crocker mix 1.00 (including butter and egg)
Apples - .69 a lb 1.29
Total - $7.38
We made trips back to the car for lunch, snacks and drinks. We were able to park really close to the gate so it really was easy to do this.

Dinner - Well we ate out at Wendy's just ordered Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers since we had snacks and things in the car. Total for that was 15.68

Total for the Day - $27.29 that makes it $3.41 per person for the day staying under the daily allowance for the challenge. Not bad since we went to six flags and ate out.

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