Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to keep grocery budget low

My best tip on how to help you keep the grocery budget low would be have a meatless night once a week. My Family's favorite meatless dinner would be bean burrito night. Here is a break down of cost.

2lb. bag of beans 1.00
Can of Tomato puree Free - with coupon Muir Glen coupon
Homemade flour tortillas 1.00 - easy to make just a lot of time
There is 1.00 off Mission tortillas coupon
making these cheap and worth buying
Cheese 1.00
Sour cream 0.50 - usually I find great coupons for Daisy
sour cream making free to very cheap
Lettuce and Tomatoes 0.50
Baked apples and blueberries 1.00 - Blueberries free since we have bushes

Total 5.00 for a family of eight

With summer here sometimes my family enjoys having a lot of fresh veggies for dinner. This helps with keeping the heat out of the house by not cooking. Make a big salad, fresh fruits, and a cold drink. Enjoy

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