Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday Break Down for All You Challenge

So how are you doing for the All You Challenge? What has been the greatest challenge so far?

Blueberry muffins - Homemade with berries from the garden, 1.00
Orange juice - 2.00
Eggs - 1.00 - Safeway special
Cheese - .50

Total $4.50

P&J - (my sons favorite)
Bread homemade - 1.00
Jelly - homemade from berries from garden - FREE
Peanut Butter - Trader Joe's Organic Peanut butter - .50
Carrot sticks - .50

Total 2.00

Well since it is a church night we will have the big birthday party Thursday
Mac and Cheese with Ham -
Ronzoni Smart pasta - .50 - on sale 2/$3.00 with 1.00/2 coupon
Cheese - Free from Safeway sale - This will be the last of the free cheese
Ham - 1.00 bought this on sale about 2 months ago its been in the freezer
Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and dip - 3.00

Total $4.50

Total day 13.00 including cake

I plan on baking a cake and taking it to church tonight for all. I bought a bunch of cake mixes about 6 months ago and they have been sitting in the storage room waiting for birthday days. I think I spent about .30 a box and got the frosting for free. He wants a blueberry cake, so I plan on making a 2 white cakes with Free blueberries from the garden and using a buttercream frosting with blueberries on top. So total cost for two cakes will be less than 2.00. We have a small church about 40 people on Wednesdays so I think two cakes will be fine. I will take a picture and post later.

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