Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know its been awhile since I wrote on the blog but it has been busy around here. We started school and we are now on our third week of school. We have had storms that took out the electricity for over 24 hours, and my fridge went out. So that all being said I lost everything I had in my fridge twice. I always have at least two weeks worth of groceries in the fridge so I lost a lot. Well one day last week I get a call from a friend at church and she asked if I would like some chicken. Who can say no to FREE CHICKEN. She gave me three boxes of chicken. Two boxes contained whole chickens cut in half, the other box had different pieces. I had so much chicken (at least 32 whole chickens) I was able to share with friends and family. The Lord is so good to give us our needs and bless us even more with extra to go on top.

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